How can I get involved?


People become volunteers for all kinds of reasons. They may want to help their community, broaden their social experience, have the chance to make a positive contribution, or to gain work experience. Volunteers can be all ages, from varied backgrounds and with a variety of interests.

OneCare welcomes and values our committed volunteers and we’re always seeking passionate people who want to contribute and make a difference in the lives of our residents and staff.

Volunteering helps the community, provides invaluable support to our paid staff and makes a real difference in the lives of our residents. Volunteering is also enormously satisfying and rewarding for the volunteers themselves.

OneCare volunteers make a tangible, positive impact and play a crucial role in helping us to provide opportunities to our residents that enrich their lives, every day.

What can I do?


OneCare volunteers have the opportunity to support our residents and staff in a range of ways. Depending on your interests and skills, your day may involve helping clients with their weekly shopping, washing or ironing, running errands, gardening or bus driving. You’ll also have the chance to support residents in our Lifestyle and Leisure programs, which can include crafts, music, discussion groups, games or outings. Often, volunteering is as simple and important as taking the time to go for a stroll with someone and have a chat.

Why Volunteer

There are many reasons why people volunteer. To help others in the community, to socialise, or maybe to learn some new skills.

For Pat Freeman, a OneCare volunteer at Rubicon Grove in Port Sorell, a sense of personal satisfaction is gained, while she has also created lasting memories.

At age 75, Pat Freeman has been volunteering at OneCare’s Rubicon Grove facility for the past ve years, bringing with her a range of unique life skills and experience.

From assisting clients with their weekly shopping to washing and ironing duties and running various errands, she is tireless in her efforts.

Other volunteer opportunities may include, gardening services, bus driving, support with recreational activities or even just a walk and a chat.

Pat like many others, is truly an amazing volunteer and such contributions are key to the success of the OneCare organisation.

Volunteers make a positive impact on Tasmanians every day at OneCare and we strongly believe our connections with local communities are an important part of ensuring quality of life for our residents.

We are always seeking passionate people to contribute as we continue to foster an environment that promotes and sustains effective volunteering.

Volunteer with OneCare in the North West at Umina Park in Burnie or Rubicon Grove in Port Sorell and help improve the quality of life of many Tasmanians.

We make every effort to match your skills and interests with those of our residents, to encourage a compatible, enjoyable and meaningful experience for everyone.

Volunteering opportunities are offered at all OneCare properties. Contact us today to find out more, or download a Volunteer Application Form.



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