Our People

Peter Bell

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Williams

Executive Manager, Client Services

Greg Burgess

Facility Manager, Barossa Park Lodge

George Wilson

Facility Manager, Bishop Davies Court

Jill Campi

Facility Manager, The Manor

Ian Edwards

Facility Manager, Umina Park

John Snare

Manager, Client Services Home Care

Jes Kenth

Chief Financial Officer

Our Board

Mr Phil Butler OAM


Phil has been associated with OneCare since 2001 and has provided significant value and contribution throughout this time. He has been our Chairman for three years and provides leadership and governance expertise.

Mr Lou Johnson

Deputy Chair

Lou has been a member of our Board for nine years. He became Deputy Chair in 2016 and offers his knowledge and skill to our Audit, Finance & Risk Committee and wider organisational strategic direction.

Hon. Sue Hickey MP

Sue joined OneCare’s Board in 2016. She was elected as Lord Mayor of Hobart in 2014 and is a former Telstra Tasmanian Business Woman of the Year. Sue is currently the Speaker of the Tasmanian House of Assembly.

Mr Leon Peck

Leon is currently the Chairman of our Clinical Governance Committee and brings a wealth of experience. He has a professional background in education, health services, human resources and mental health services.

Mrs Gaye Richardson

Gaye has been a member of our Board since 2010 and currently chairs OneCare’s Growth & Development Committee. She was previously employed at a senior level in the education and aged care sector.

Mr Geoff Squibb

Geoff holds an extensive parliamentary history, serving the Devonport City Council for 22 years, with 14 of those as Mayor. His exemplary knowledge and skill will ensure OneCare’s growth and sustainability.

Meet our Client Relationship Officers (CRO)

Your Client Relationship Officer is your dedicated contact person, whether you have a family member who is a current OneCare resident, or you’re seeking care for a loved one in the future.

Whatever your situation, our CROs are committed to working closely with you to help find the services that best suit your needs—whether it be a permanent placement in one of our welcoming OneCare facilities, a home care package or independent living.

We understand that it’s hard to choose the right aged care accommodation and that it’s a very personal and individual process. It can sometimes challenging to know what to expect until you begin your explorations, and that’s why your CRO will be right there to provide support, guidance and a friendly face during this important transition period.

Supporting someone you love as they make the transition to aged care can be a stressful time for everyone. Anne, Judy and Ruth will help guide you through each step and make your experience as smooth as possible.

Anne Connors

Bishop Davies Court and Barossa Park Lodge

P: (03) 6208 0806



Judy Radford

Umina Park

P: (03) 6432 5304



Merleen Cronin

The Manor

P: (03) 6345 2154



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