Who we are

OneCare Limited is a leading provider of aged care services in Tasmania, supporting more than 2,000 people across the state.

We are a not-for-profit, aged care organisation with charity status. We work to the highest ethical standards to consistently produce high quality, best practice outcomes for our clients and their families.

Our people are the key to the success of our exceptional, client-focused services. We value our people highly, knowing that our employees and volunteers are our brand and service. Our entire OneCare team promotes and embodies our organisational values and embraces a service culture of excellence, professionalism and warmth.

We have been providing residential aged care for more than 40 years, employ a combined staff of more than 800 Tasmanians, and offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients throughout the state.

At OneCare, we offer the highest quality service through supporting and caring for aged individuals and people with disability. Our services include residential aged care facilities, home care and independent living accommodation, all designed to help each one of our clients make the most of every day

 Our Purpose

We are here to provide Tasmania with access to best-practice care and assistance for older members of our communities in need of residential or home-based support in their daily living.

 Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based around being ethical, the highest quality, compassionate, respectful, trusted in our community, being a great place to work, and setting the benchmarks in aged care.

 Our Values

Teamwork | How we work together
We create a positive work environment through respect, teamwork and supportive working relationships to achieve great results.

Make a Difference | How we deliver our services
We understand our clients’ needs, honour our commitments, build long term relationships and foster good communication.

Work Safety | How we carry out our daily work
We demonstrate a duty of care for ourselves, our team mates and our clients in all that we do.

Respect | How we treat others and expect to be treated
We are respectful, courteous and credible – value others and are valued.

Continuous Improvement | How we move forward and work better
We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of everything we do through innovation, shared learning and personal development.










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