January 12, 2018

Dementia Forum with Dr Jane Tolman Open to the Public

Dementia Forum
with Dr Jane Tolman

Friday March 23 from 11:00am 

Barossa Park Lodge, 17a Clydesdale Ave, Glenorchy

Open to relatives and interested members of the community

     Geriatrician Dr Jane Tolman


Learn about Dementia including:


What is Dementia?


What are the symptoms?


How is it diagnosed?


What are the stages?


What to do when the person doesn’t understand.


When is it time for a Nursing Home?


How do people with Dementia die?

Dr Tolman has worked as a teacher, student counsellor, respiratory physician and geriatrician.  Jane was also the Director of Aged Care at the Royal Hobart Hospital. 

Jane’s current goal is to develop a state-wide plan for the management of dementia in Tasmania, to support those with dementia, their families and carers, while increasing community literacy about dementia by educational programs and breaking down barriers between the different providers of services to older people.

RSVP – 6208 0800 by March 20. 

P: 6208 0800 

E: barossapark@onecare.org.au 


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